Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

STOR makes storage easy. Book the items you want to store on our website and fill out your housing information and pickup date in checkout. One of our student movers will reach out to you one week before your pickup. Your student mover will knock on your door on the scheduled date and time, and we will bring your items to our off-campus warehouse where they will be stored with care. We will send another form in the summer to coordinate the dropoff of your items to your future address. On the first day of Fall Quarter (or any discussed time), we return the items to your address.

STOR offers drop-offs at any time. During your move-in process, student movers will meet you at your earliest convenience to drop off your items and assist you with move-in.

Booking is planned to close the weekend before finals week. However, it is dependent on order volume, and there will be an announcement on the website a week in advance. Note that you can always book additional items if you already placed an order, even if booking has closed.


Please email us at before booking. We will most likely be able to accommodate you.

All prices are a one-time payment which includes: door-to-door pick-up, summer storage, and drop-off in the fall. For example, if you need to store a suitcase and two medium boxes, the total would be: $55+$45+$45=$145. We will provide medium and oversized boxes for pickup starting mid-May at select campus locations.

The safety of your items is our top priority, and we take damages incredibly seriously. If something should happen, please contact us at We will immediately follow up with your claim to discuss the damaged item(s). Note that every box or item is automatically insured $100.

Unfortunately, we do not allow students to access their items from our warehouse for security reasons.

Packing Questions

Before the pickup date, please clearly label your boxes with a sharpie or add a tag to your item with the following:

a. Full Name
b. Item Count (ex. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3)
c. Your delivery address for the next academic year.*

*If you store with us for the summer and will not be able to pick up your items in the fall, please contact us at prior to booking as there may be customizable storage options available for the following year. We also may be able to ship your items home. Also, please do not include your future address if you are not sure yet.

For customers who booked storage on or before May 16, STOR will be delivering free medium and oversize boxes to dorms starting mid-May. If you book after, you can purchase boxes from a local post office or online.

You can remove booked items or book additional items anytime leading up to your pickup- even if booking has closed. Most students book a rough estimate and add or remove items when they begin packing. Also, all additional items can be invoiced during pickup by your student mover.

How do I store a computer monitor or TV?

If you do not have the original packaging, you can buy a monitor/tv box on Amazon. Book your item as a box, and pricing will be based on its volume. Here is a link to a video about how to safely pack a monitor/tv: 

Can I use my own containers instead of boxes?

As long as your containers can close and seal, you can use your containers to store items. Just book them as boxes, and pricing will be based on its volume.

Can I store...?

If your item is not listed in the Book Now section and cannot fit in a box, please email We will most likely be able to store it.